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01/05/2024 - 22/05/2026

Super Computing

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הוסף ליומן שלי22-05-2024 12:0022-05-2024 13:00Asia/JerusalemThe Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) is a High-Performance Computing (HPC) center managed by Argonne National Laboratory for the US Department of Energy (DOE). ALCF’s main goal is to provide supercomputing resources for promoting breakthroughs in both science and engineering. As part of the collaboration between the DOE and the Israel Innovation Authority, Israeli research organizations in both the academic and private sectors can apply to use ALCF resources to promote groundbreaking research projects. During this workshop, Moderated by Ms. Nili Shalev, VP International Division, Israel Innovation Authority, you will gain practical knowledge on this great opportunity – accessing the U.S. DOE HPC: How to optimize your research by using the benefits of the HPC The different programs provided by the ALCF, their target audiences and eligibility terms An understanding of ALCF’s application submission and evaluation process The financial terms for using the ALCF, and the potential support provided by the Innovation Authority. The event will take place on November 11th, 2021 at 16:00 – 17:30 (Israel Time) | 08:00 – 09:30 (Chicago Time)


About the event

The European Union recently completed the legislation of the European Artificial Intelligence Law, which comprehensively regulates all issues related to the development, accessibility and use of artificial intelligence-based products and services throughout the Union, and applies equally to products developed in Europe and abroad.
Join us for an online meeting in partnership between the Director of Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Economy and the Innovation Authority as part of the Innovation Over Lunch series of meetings where we will understand how the law will affect Israeli companies and how should they prepare?
At the meeting, Dr. Ziv Katzir, head of the National Program for Artificial Intelligence at the Innovation Authority, will meet for a one on one conversation, with Dan Nashita-Flavio, who was involved in leading the legislative process in the European Parliament.
For more details and registration, go to https://innovationisrael.org.il/event/europeanailaw

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