The Israeli National AI Program is a collaborative, holistic, and cross-ministerial effort for securing Israel’s long-term leadership in AI. By creating a long-term strategy, providing massive investments for AI infrastructure and, promoting an AI supportive environment, we aim to ensure Israel’s leading position as an AI powerhouse, and unlock its vast potential benefits for both the economy and society as a whole. Leveraging Israel’s extensive eco-system, fostering multi-disciplinary collaboration between academia, industry, and government, our goals range from advancing AI research and development, to nurturing a thriving AI ecosystem, promoting ethical AI practices, and ensuring Israel’s global leadership in AI innovation. Join us in shaping the future of AI and unlocking its vast potential for the benefit of society and the economy alike.

Supported by pivotal reports of the Berry & Ben-Israel committees, and formally approved through Government Resolution No. 173, and Government Resolution No. 212, our program lays the groundwork for a thriving AI ecosystem. The program was jointly incepted by the TELEM forum, including the Israel Innovation Authority, Higher Education Council, Defense R&D Directorate in the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Innovation Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Finance. It was soon after extended to include additional entities including, Israel’s Digital Transformation Directorate, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a long list of additional government agencies and entities.

The Berry & Ben-Israel reports, serve as our strategic blueprint, highlighting AI’s transformative impact across various sectors. Those reports underscore the importance of fostering AI research, cultivating a skilled workforce, forming a framework for secure and reliable use of AI, and fostering collaboration among stakeholders. Moreover, they emphasize the government’s role and tasks in ensuring those goals are met.

Our program aims to secure Israel’s position as a global leader in AI innovation and technology. It focuses on three main pillars – A long term strategy, massive investments in AI infrastructure, and an AI supportive operational environment. We invest in groundbreaking research; promote talent in both the academia and the private sector; cultivate the creation of unique data assets and their accessibility for the R&D community; establish needed computation infrastructure; strive to close the gap in NLP technologies between English and our locale languages (Hebrew and Arabic); promote the adoption of AI by the Israeli public sector; and ensure a steadfast regulatory environment for AI.

Our program is accompanied by the distinguished Scientific Advisory Board, headed by Prof. Yoav Shoham, and comprising of world class experts, researchers, investors and practitioners. The Israeli National AI Program reflects our strategic vision to harness AI’s transformative potential for economic growth, innovation, and societal progress.